School at loggerheads with wood vendors again

The staff at Hoërskool Warmbad have expressed their concern about the return of wood vendors who choose to conduct their business near the school.

The Post reported on the problem in May 2014, and was told that the hawkers who operate on the R516 en route to Thabazimbi have become a problem for leaners and educators.

At the time the school’s principal, Spikkels de Wet, said that the hawkers have become a problem especially at the school’s music facility.

“They enter the school premises and use our bathrooms without permission,” said De Wet.

De Wet said that in most cases the hawkers make use of the ditch leading to the back entrance of the school to relieve themselves. It is alleged that they live and sleep in the same area near the school, and De Wet claims that this has left the area with an unpleasant smell.

A year later, it seems that the vendors have returned despite their removal by local authorities. 

“The wood vendors have returned and this has become a concern for us and our learners. I think we should write to the municipality and insist that they intervene in this situation,” said De Wet.

Complaints have also been made that wood is being stored in and around the school. About this, De Wet said that he is not aware of wood being stored on the premises, but that it would be removed if found.

Hannalie Kriek, an educator at the school’s Music Centre, said that she is concerned about her safety when teaching music lessons after school.

“I often find that wood vendors are on the premises collecting water from the taps or using the bathrooms without anyone’s permission,” she said. “It’s quite worrying because we don’t know these people or if they would hurt our learners.”

Kriek is also concerned about traffic congestions caused by the wood sales.

“Sometimes there are a lot of congestion in front of the school, because people are blocking the road to buy wood or the vendors are blocking it to unload. So far no accidents have happened yet, but something has to be done,” she said.

Justin Steyn

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