Itireleng Creche takes home honours

Fitness For All members celebrate with Itereleng Crèche. Photo: Mzamane Ringane

Children from 13 local crèches had lots of fun during the annual kiddies race, staged last Friday 2 November at Phagameng’s Ephraim Mogale Stadium in the township in Modimolle.

The event, known as the early childhood development athletics festival, targeted six children from each of the 13 crèches.

The overall number of participating kids was 78.

Ntsako Maswanganyi of Fitness for All said the purpose of the programme was to motivate children and to trigger their interest in athletics and broader sporting activities at an early age.

“These activities also help them with the development of a child’s body muscles. We also use this event to try and prevent lifestyle-related diseases by motivating these children to be
physically-active, from an early age, and broadly to avoid a physically-unfit community in the future,” she said.

Maswanganyi said the event was organised by Fitness for All athletics club, together with physiotherapists and other health professionals from Modimolle’s FH Odendaal Hospital.

The children participated in, among other activities, egg race, bike race and short-distance running.

Participants received medals and certificates, with Itereleng Crèche taking home the main trophy for the second year running, after dominating the day’s events.

Fitness for All secretary, Tsheletsi Selepi, said they were planning to go big next year, with the inclusion of crèches based in town and surrounding farm areas.

The annual kiddies race was in its third year running, and the event was supported by, among others, Vulani Funerals.

— The BEAT

Mzamane Ringane

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