Sex politics

Limpopo Premier Stan Mathabatha had his hands full dealing with accusations and counter-accusations of alleged sex shenanigans from the ANC’s Phuti Seloba and EFF firebrand Jossey Buthane.

Politicians from the Waterberg and broader Limpopo might as well brace themselves for a dirty pre-election high noon, characterised by, among other exposés, allegations of sexual misconduct and other hanky-panky mud-slinging.

Tuesday 6 November has been a busy day for provincial politics (read ANC), with confirmation that legislature spokesperson, Phuti Seloba was suspended for allegedly leaking information to the
EFF regarding the political and personal lives of certain provincial heavyweights.

The EFF provincial secretary, Jossey Buthane, took to social media, daring Seloba to deny certain allegations levelled against one of his (Seloba’s) superiors.

Although details bordering on the alleged raunchy shenanigans of individuals have gone viral on social media, The BEAT has chosen not to publish people’s names until they plead in a court of
law, or a reasonably higher authority.

In a likewise but unrelated development, an embattled senior Limpopo ANC politician went public with a recorded conversation from which a highly-ranked “comrade” allegedly made veiled sexual advances towards her.

The names of the two politicians were this week still very much in the public domain, but laws governing the formal media prohibit The BEAT from re-publishing their names.

As for Seloba, the heated exchanges between him and Buthane also went viral on social media, whereby the EFF firebrand dares Seloba that he confided to him that the highly-ranked ANC leader
had allegedly “forced” an international trip so as to be with a female “comrade”.

The no-punches-pulled social media network mentions both the lady and gentleman by name.

The female “comrade” was among the people named in the damning VBS Mutual Bank great bank heist forensic report.

This proverbial can of worms has apparently nudged the Limpopo Provincial government into action.

The Premier’s spokesperson, Kenny Mathivha, said in a statement on Monday 5 November: “In view of the seriousness of these allegations, Seloba has been given an opportunity to make
representations as to why he should not be suspended, pending investigations on these allegations against him.”

Mathivha said the provincial government had been made aware of “serious” allegations made against Seloba.

It was reported on Tuesday that Seloba was suspended.

The latter scenario is but the tip of the iceberg, with regards to serious challenges faced by the Limopop ANC ahead of the 2019 general elections.

In recent days the mainstream media published reports with regards to the formation of a new anti-ANC political party by no less than 49 traditional leaders.

The Baroka Swaranang Movement had reportedly attracted tribal leaders from across the length and breadth of Limpopo.

Nearer home, three sitting councillors in Bela-Bela were in recent weeks implicated for allegedly being involved in corruption, as the Elections 2019 high noon continued to unfold.

— The BEAT

Lizzy Bapela

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