How to maximise holiday business sales

The end of the year is peak season for business sales especially in the retail sector. Increased consumer appetite for goods and services at the end of year can be attributed to the holiday and festive season mood which grips households and communities as well as available disposable income through bonuses by the working class. For small and large scale businesses, planning ahead and taking the right steps is key in maximising business sales and profits. Here are some ways in which you can maximise end of year business sales and profits.

Social media

In this digital age, the first step should be to activate and enhance your social media networks. Social media is the perfect platform for engaging and interacting with your customers in order to build strong customer relationships, brand awareness, and brand loyalty. Creating video content, giveaways, contests and other promotional activities that have been proven to work well on social media is easier and cheaper than ever.


The products that sold best in September, October, and November are likely to be the key items to drive your sales in December. These are items that customers have demonstrated they want to buy from you and that you simply can’t afford to run out of before the season ends. Shift your focus from being fully assorted to being narrow and deep by identifying those key items.

Payment systems

Payment systems are critical in facilitating sales. Whether your products and services are offered in-store or online, shoppers are happy to have the ability to pay in convenient and secure manner. Your business would therefore benefit a great deal by putting in place secure payment options for in-store and online shopping.

Delivery services

An increasing number of consumers are finding it easier and convenient to buy from business houses with delivery services. Setting up delivery options will certainly require a bigger budget and more staff, but it’s definitely worth considering since it can benefit both your online and in-store sales.

Gift wrapping

Gift wrapping is an added service which will push your sales one notch up.You can choose to wrap after selling or pre-wrap some of your most popular items. Not only do wrapped gifts make great props for making your store look more festive, they can also influence your customers to buy those items simply for the fact that they won’t have to wrap them by themselves when they get home.

Floor plan

Floor plans have the ability to make or kill businesses in the retail sector. Customers want to be able to easily find what they need and clearly see what you are selling without having to push and shove to get to your products.

The tips provided above if implemented well should assist you to have a profitable holiday season.


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