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Safety campaign launched

   06 October 2017   l   Christie Steyn    l   Views: 121   l   4 months ago  


There is a very big concern regarding the safety of residents in Lesideng at Vaalwater as house breaking incidents in the area are allegedly increasing rapidly. 

WO Petrus Lefoka from the Vaalwater police told The Post that residents go to work in the morning only to come back to empty houses. 

The police is trying their best to stop this from happing, but the residents of Lesideng are not happy. 

Therefore, Lefoka, Christo Venter, CPF chairperson, and Zacahria Sekhu, vice-chairperson of the CPF, have launched a campaign called Mabathale Forum. 

A meeting will be held with the residents of Extension 7, Lesideng, every month to give feedback on house breaking cases.




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