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Be careful of ‘police officers’

   13 October 2017   l   Christie Steyn    l   Views: 193   l   4 months ago  


Photo for illustration purposes only.

Community members are being warned of civilians dressed as police officers with fake police appointment certificates who rob people.

According to WO Petrus Lefoka of the Vaalwater police, the culprits pretend to be police officers at ATM’s. They pretend to assist residents and in the process rob people of their money. 

“Do not allow any person to assist you to withdraw money — even if they do tell you they are police officers,” Lefoka said.

“As a civilian you are allowed to ask to see the police officer’s identification card,” said Lefoka. 

Important information to look out for is the photo, as well as the police logo, but also check the back of the card for the iden-tification number, the name of the officer, the signature of the police commissioner, the rank of the person and the personal number certified, said Lefoka. Inform the police immediately if you do come across a person dressed as a police officer without the necessary information on his or her identification card. Call the police at tel. 079 888 9862 or (014) 755 9704/5 or 10111. 

“However, do not confront such a person when you are alone,” warned Lefoka.





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