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‘You left me without hope’

   03 November 2017   l   Ons lesers skryf...    l   Views: 17   l   5 months ago  


Sello Moswoeu, EFF caucus leader at Bela-Bela.

Member of ‘white establishment’, Bela-Bela, writes:

This letter serves as an open letter to Sello Moswoeu, EFF caucus leader at Bela-Bela: 

Dear Mr Moswoeu, I have read about your intentions during the past week, encouraging people to occupy a piece of land in my neighbourhood at Bela-Bela.

I have also read that the reason for your call to squat illegally was to upset the “white establishment” in the close vicinity. My goodness, if your intention was to upset people, you definitely attained your goal! You had a lot of very worried constituents. We were angry, we were on our knees praying for our country and the anarchy that seems to prevail.

How does it happen that one wakes up one morning and realises that the house that you have saved for and paid off all your life (in a lawful way) is now worth nothing as it adjoins a squatter camp?

I really felt like an idiot as I truly believed in the new South Africa and thought that I contributed in my own way. I have a domestic worker and a gardener. I pay them more than the minimum wage require. I also pay for the tuition of their children and I had asssited one of them with tersiary education and work experience.

I wanted to do even more, but I am not so sure any more. It seems as if my salary and savings are worthless and less every day. Uncertainty at work has become an everyday thing. Food has become so expensive, not to even speak about my own family’s needs.

You trampled on my good intentions and left me without hope.

It hurts my feelings that you speak about the “white establishment” in such a derogative way. As if all of us are racists and as if we do nothing to alleviate poverty in our town. Everybody lost out in the new South Africa and you are dancing on the graves, it seems to me.

I have read that 80% of the tax for the Bela-Bela constituency comes from Ward 1. Is this true? This exact ward that you dismiss as “white establishment”?

I want to address you in the same way that a father would his prodigal son: I am ashamed and saddened by your behaviour. And I do not think you fully comprehend what the “economic” in your party’s name should represent. I expected a lot better from you, my son.

And another thing, the inhabitants of Bela-Bela town has not been “lily white” for quite some time. We have many black neighbours — lovely people who bought or rent their houses at market related prizes; people who pay their taxes, make sure their gardens are beautiful and contribute in general to making this a lovely, pleasant town to live in. 

I invite you, Mr Moswoeu, to bring your money and buy a house at Bela-Bela. A beautiful house, at a market related price, like all of us did.




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