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Challenge the Eskom account

   03 November 2017   l   Ons lesers skryf...    l   Views: 11   l   5 months ago  


Carel Botes, Mookgophong, writes:

In the mayoral column of The Post (Friday, 27 October) members of the public were invited to make an input via email to the office of the mayor, Marlene van Staden. 

I could not get my email sent to the address given, since it failed, hence this writing. 

It was previously reported that there is a significant difference between Eskom metered charges and the total metered readings from consumers.

Reasons given included power losses because of old equipment, faulty and “doctored” meters, illegal connections etc.

My question is how true and correct are Eskom’s debited figures. Has anyone ever audited and challenged it?

My suggestions are the following:

  • Challenge the Eskom account for accuracy.
  • Get an expert electrical contractor to check out losses and take urgent action to repair or replace questionable meters.
  • Introduce a reward programme to encourage the report of theft and have no mercy with those stealing power.
  • Do spot checks on large consumers and give assistance to reduce consumption.
  • Investigate all possibilities to introduce solar energy as an alternative.

Lastly, but not least, should we not follow Lichtenburg and let the major users pay Eskom directly?




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