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Free digital television through DTT-program

   01 December 2017   l   Andries van der Heyde    l   Views: 62   l   11 days ago  


People who receive a combined household income of R3 200 per month, own a television and qualify for the project, can apply for free digital television services. On the photo are several representatives from the Bela-Bela Post Office.

Limpopo residents who qualify as indigents are called upon to register for free digital television services.

The department of communication launched the Digital Territorial Television (DTT) programme for households with a combined income of R3 200 per month to receive free television services (SABC channels), if they qualify. The project already began in 2015.

According to a press release issued by the National Post Office, who is responsible for registrations and installations, people are urged to visit their nearest post office and apply if they already own a television set.

The up-side to this project is that a television license is not required. 

People can apply for a decoder and antenna or a satellite dish by bringing a copy of their ID, proof of residence and proof of income to the post office. At the service desk they are to ask to be registered for the DTT-programme, but the post office are also open to register people situated in various areas on demand.

If people qualify they will receive a confirmation SMS and a service provider will contact them to install the service. The package will give the household access to clear television and radio stations via the decoder.

The downside is that there are only a certain amount of units available. Only 5 million units were apparently subsidized by government and if people want to continue watching the channels of the public broadcaster, they have to own a decoder, said Sonja Smalberger, branch manager of the Bela-Bela Post Office.

People who already own a satellite decoder system would not need the decoder issued by the department and the post office.

Applicants have to be a South African citizen, must own a television and receive a monthly income of R3 200 per month in order to qualify, said Smalberger. Applicants will also be asked to sign an affidavit that they do in fact own a television set.

People who do not qualify will have to pay a set amount for the decoder once it becomes available in stores. The decoders are unfortunately at this time not for sale.

Smalberger said that the service is free of charge for indigents who qualified and if a service provider asks beneficiaries for additional fees, they have to report such persons to the post office, since it would be in contravention of their contract, said Smalberger.

Various people around Bela-Bela have already registered for the programme, but very few in town and at Modimolle. Smalberger said there are 140 post office branches in Limpopo and it is to people’s benefit to apply early in order to avoid a rush at the last minute.

The registration phase will continue over the next two years.




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