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EFF to insist on land auditing report

   12 January 2018   l   Justin Steyn    l   Views: 245   l   3 months ago  


The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) at Bela-Bela has vowed to start the new year by demanding a land audit from the Bela-Bela municipality.

“We want to have a look at land that has been owned by the municipality, as I know some of the councillors have obtained these pieces of land illegally,” said the branch coordinator, Sello Mosewoeu.

He said that the EFF will demand proof of payment for every piece of land that has been owned by councillors to ensure that each process was legally conducted.

Mosewoeu said the EFF will take action against those who cannot provide proof of payment.

“There are councillors who are against the EFF’s mandate of land grabbing and yet some of them have obtained land illegally. We will take the necessary steps against those who fail to provide proof that they have obtained every piece of land legally,” he said.       

The controversial leader said that all land grabbing initiatives have been put on hold since he has recently been charged with trespassing on municipal land.

He said that the pending case is only viewed as a “temporary complication”.

“We will not be intimidated by these silly attempts of the council to silence us on the issues being faced by the poor. We as the EFF will continue to promote the mandate of our people, no matter what obstacles they put in front of us,” he said.




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