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Organisation to equip youth with various skills

   15 December 2017   l   Die Pos-span/The Post team    l   Views: 440   l   4 months ago  


One of the groups of teenagers tackling the obstacle course during a Youthworx programme held at Linga-Longa. 

Youthworx, a non-profit organisation that runs various youth development programmes, has once again ensured fun-filled days for a group of youngsters. 

Every December, the organisation hosts a programme called the Summer Enrichment Programme (SEP) at Linga-Longa on the Eersbewoond Road between Modimolle and Bela-Bela. A group of 100 to 130 campers from ages eight up to young adults of about 25 come from various areas and backgrounds to participate. 

During the two weeks 60 to 70 skilled volunteers offer their time and expertise and involve the youth in activities such as personal growth workshops, swimming, cycling, rock climbing, abseiling, soccer and volleyball. Skills development programmes such as dance and arts and crafts are also on offer. Their aim is to equip young people in Southern Africa to discover and achieve their full potential. 




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