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Waterberg Academy boasts 100% pass rate

   12 January 2018   l   Die Pos-span/The Post team    l   Views: 68   l   3 months ago  


Once again, the Waterberg Academy matric class wrote the rigorous IEB National Senior Certificate and gained a 100% pass rate. 

In addition to this, 83,3% of them gained a BD or “university pass”. Two learners, Ayden Walker and Jesse Dowinton, each obtained three distinctions, with Jesse also passing the challenging Advanced Programme English as an 8th subject. Dux learner, Ayden, has accepted a scholarship to attend the University of Pretoria.

Waterberg Academy at Vaalwater has worked hard to position itself as a school that offers an outstanding academic education, and its results over the last few years indicate that the efforts of the educators and learners in this regard are bearing fruit, said Mark Godfrey, principal of the Academy. 

Rachel Calcott, the Dux learner of 2016, has just been accepted into Yale, probably the top Ivy League College in the United States — this as a result of her outstanding matric results in 2016, a 99,99 SAT score and a well-rounded background which includes music and community upliftment. 

“The award last year, by the University of Pretoria, of a Certificate of Excellence for being one of the 30 Top Performing Schools in South Africa in Physical Science is a further indication that the Academy is doing something right” said Godfrey.

Godfrey wished to congratulate the matrics of 2017 on the excellent results and also to thanked his educators for working so hard with the group and encouraging them to succeed.




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