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Rabbits can be housed too

   29 September 2017   l   Justin Steyn    l   Views: 135   l   2 months ago  


Training your rabbit to wonder freely indoors and use a litterbox is possible but requires patience at times. Photo: Thematchmaker.org 

Rabbits are often misperceived as dirty animals that should only be kept in cages indoors.

According to Twanet van der Linde of the Jedtwa Wildlife Centre at Bela-Bela, this is not only a common misperception, but rabbits can also be housed like dogs and cats.

“They can be taught how to walk on a leash and answer when called. 

“The big-gest challenge for pet owners however is training them to litter in a box,” she said.

Van der Linde explained that in order to develop good litter box habits, it would be advisable to provide a rabbit with limited space for a while.

“This will allow your rabbit to get use to the area at first. As your rabbit starts using a designated litter box, you can start to expand their living areas.”

In the event of accidents occurring, Van der Linde says it is helpful to scoop the remains into the litter box. “This will help them get the idea. Accidents do happen a lot, so patience is key in housetraining a rabbit. It will also help to supervise your rabbit and look out for signs that they are about to do their business. If they squat or lift one of their legs, this may be a good time to place them in the box.”

She added that the aforemen-tioned method could be un-successful as some stubborn rabbits are insistent on using an area of the house to relieve themselves.

“If they insist on using a specific space, it is often best to give in to their stubborn demands. I would advise moving the litter box to this location. Rabbits have a habit of telling their owners where they want to go by moving in that direction all the time,” she said.




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