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Potbelly pigs are clever pets

   03 November 2017   l   Justin Steyn    l   Views: 68   l   6 months ago  


Pot belly pigs are excellent pets when socialized correctly.
Photo: ABCNews.com

Very few think of pigs as adorable cuddly pets, however, there is one breed that can be thought of as a pet.

According to Lloyd Schoeman of the Rocking Horse Nursery and Animal Farm, potbelly pigs are considered top of the list when it comes to farm animal pets. 

“They live for as long as 18 years and responsibility for them should be taken serious. They are very clever animals and can be trained like a dog,” he said.

Schoeman said these pigs can be house and leash trained and will even be willing to learn a few tricks.

However, he warns that due to their high intellect they can become bored easily.

“They are curious and very play-ful, but may have a tendancy to want to follow their own way. It is for this reason that they need continuous stimulation and be provided with toys,” he said.

When considering a pet potbelly pig, Schoeman says that they should be provided with enough food to avoid opening food pantries and fridge doors.

“Pigs are almost always hungry and again, due to their intelligence, learn where the nearest food source is. They have the ability to learn how to open kitchen doors and can devour a whole lot of food if left open for exposure,” he said.

As far as socialising is concerned, Schoeman advised that pet pigs should be shown the hierarchy of the house.

“They should be taught to respect their owners by setting rules and boundaries, teaching them the word ‘no,’ and using gentle but firm discipline is advisable,” he said.

Schoeman added that potbelly pigs respond well to positive reinforcement and not so well to physical punishment.

“Praise and reward your pet pig as much as you can. If discipline is needed, it should be gentle yet firm. This will help raise a well-mannered pig that gets along with its family,”




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