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State vet still in short supply

   15 December 2017   l   Justin Steyn    l   Views: 160   l   4 months ago  


Pet-owners in and around Bela-Bela have allegedly failed to find answers with regards to the proper — or lack thereof — functioning of the Towoomba Agricultural Research Centre.

Regomoditswe Maluleke from the local township was the latest to complain to The Post about the situation at the centre.

She alleged that upon her visit to the institution she was told that the centre no longer kept sufficient and adequate medication for domestic animals such as dogs and cats. 

The provincial department of agriculture had, at the time of going to press, not responded to a query emailed on Thursday, 23 November.

The head of the centre, Chris Sonnekus, said the provision of services was the responsibility of the local municipality.

However, Bela-Bela Local Municipality spokesperson, David Rabololo, said the services were the responsibility of the agricultural authorities.

Maluleke said on arrival she spoke to a vet who alleged the department had reduced medical supplies at the Towoomba Agricultural Centre.

She said the vet indicated only domestic farm animals could receive full treatment.

Dogs and cats, she was allegedly told, were only given rabies vaccinations and flu shots.

The Post reported in July 2016 that resident Deborah De Lange said that she took her cocker spaniel to the vet as she had been suffering from cat flu, but could not be assisted to her satisfaction.

De Lange said she had to buy a drip for her dog from a private vet, as one was not available at the state vet.




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