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These geckos are equally popular

   02 February 2018   l   Justin Steyn    l   Views: 161   l   3 months ago  


The crested gecko is more suited for more experienced reptile owners. Photo: Dreamstimes.com

In previous editions we have informed our readers about the family-friendly leopard gecko. 

However, we have not as yet written about the equally popular crested and day geckos.

According to the chairperson of the Transvaal Herpetological Union, Arno Naudé, the two species are suited for more experienced reptile owners.

“Just like leopard geckos, crested geckos are very colourful and live for as long as 20 years, reaching a length of between 17 and 22 centimeters.” 

Naudé said reptile owners find these geckos most attractive for their weird intense looking eyes and a crest that runs from the head down their necks and back.

Crickets are a favourite meal for these geckos and advised dusting their prey with calcium and vitamin supplements before feeding.

Giant day geckos are also a reputable reptile that can be housed by those who have at least some reptile keeping experience.

“As the name may suggest, they are mostly active during the daytime. These bright green lizards are however quite fragile and I would not encourage handling. They can also be territorial and need to be separated from one another.”

Just like all geckos, day geckos’ diet compose mainly of insects, however, they are open to exotic fruits such as mangoes, apples and fruity baby food.

“Despite the level of care and consideration that needs to be taken when adopting one of these reptiles, I would not discourage anyone from having them. Just make sure that you have done the needed research and that they are housed safely,” Naudé said. 




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