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Make sure your pet gets enough calcium

   09 March 2018   l   Justin Steyn    l   Views: 213   l   2 months ago  


It is vital that pets get a good dose of calcium along with their other food. Photo: petsutra.com

Pet enthusiasts all over are always looking for good nutrition for their animals. 

One of the biggest concerns is the amount of calcium in our  animals’ diets. Growing strong bones and teeth make for a sturdy animal. The Post contacted a few experts seeking advice on how well you can power up the calcium intake of your pet.

Twanet van der Linde of Jedtwa Wild in Bela-Bela, said that popular mammals such as dogs and cats can be fed eggshell powder that can be made at home.

“Home diets sometimes lack that bit of extra calcium due to a lack of crumpled bone,” she said.

“If your dog, or even your cat, could chew on a bone the entire day, I am sure he would, however just take some egg powder and sprinkle it over your animal’s food to enhance their food intake,” she said.

When it comes to insect eating exotic pets such as tarantulas, geckos and bearded dragons, Arno Naudé of the Transvaal Herpetological Union, said dusting your pet’s food, in this case crickets and worms, with calcium powder will aid in extra nutrient absorption.

“In the wild these exotics eat what they can find. 

“As a pet owner it is your responsibility to ensure that the worms and crickets have enough food to fatten up in order for them to become a nutritious meal for your pet. All the vitamins and minerals they consume, will automatically be transferred to your pet,” he said.




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